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Our Mission

Our business is to enable Information Technology to
make you money, or save you money.

What Makes Us Different

Kameleya is a team of people with very significant experience in telecoms, IT infrastructure, software development and customer service.

Our team

All members of our team have worked in large and small companies, in IT companies and in end-user companies. Kameleya comes from both the user-side and the provider-side of the IT business.

Our history

We realized that mobile communications lacked the connection between mobility, and the actual business of the customer. We seen a need in the market for companies to have a partner for improving efficiency, reducing wasteful spending, as well as improving the quality of work-life for the employees.

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Our Objective

Kameleya’s objective is to deliver mobility solutions to brick and mortar business that actually address the challenges of, and provide opportunities for, industrial businesses today. By implementing our products and services, our customers will save money, provide better guidance to their employees, gain greater transparency over tasks and improve profitability, everyday.

Our Products

Tusibee – Video Conferencing for Remote Technical Support


How do we improve the quality of service on-board while decreasing costs of maintenance and repairs? As crews are not experts on everything onboard, and getting experts on-board is expensive, decreasing the costs of repairs and increasing quality of repairs on board is seemingly impossible... that is until Tusibee Managed Service.


Enable the crew on board to provide teams on shore, a live video feed to the challenge the crew member is working to manage via a mobile handset that works over mobile or satellite networks. By providing a fully managed service solution, including conference call coordination, hardware and airtime, Tusibee ensures the best support.

Managed Service

The solution is fully managed by Tusibee on-shore team including: leading the installation by the crew correctly, pre-configuration and management of each component to ensure operation, coordinating the various service providers to ensure they are on the conference call when needed by the crew.


Provided to each customer are the following; 3G/4G Router including a Global SIM with 3GB of data, ethernet cable enough to run into the engine room, one mesh capable access point, a pre-configured mobile phone, Bluetooth headset with USB camera attached. Tusibee helps solves immediate problems and creates long-term value.


Automated Service Delivery and Reporting


Service personnel, execute work that is provided verbally, are guided based on printed procedures and provided service requests from systems. When the service personnel is finished with the work they fill out a report on a computer somewhere far from and long after the service.

The result is additional time spent reporting, these reports are inaccurate, provide no guidance on doing the service and there is no transparency for other regarding the status of the work, while it is being done.


Tiquai is an app on a mobile device that connects to the PMS system (either on-board or on-shore). Tiquai allows the crew member to receive service orders and submit service reports to the PMS directly when finishing the service request activity. Tiquai constantly updates in real-time, the service being executed, such as vetting preparation, regular maintenance or even repairs.

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