Video Conferencing for Remote Technical Support


How do we improve the quality of service on-board while decreasing costs of maintenance and repairs? As crews are not experts on everything onboard, and getting experts on-board is expensive, decreasing the costs of repairs and increasing quality of repairs on board is seemingly impossible... that is until Tusibee Managed Service.


Enable the crew on board to provide teams on shore, a live video feed to the challenge the crew member is working to manage via a mobile handset that works over mobile or satellite networks. By providing a fully managed service solution, including conference call coordination, hardware and airtime, Tusibee ensures the best support.

Managed Service

The solution is fully managed by Tusibee on-shore team including: leading the installation by the crew correctly, pre-configuration and management of each component to ensure operation, coordinating the various service providers to ensure they are on the conference call when needed by the crew.


Provided to each customer are the following; 3G/4G Router including a Global SIM with 3GB of data, ethernet cable enough to run into the engine room, one mesh capable access point, a pre-configured mobile phone, Bluetooth headset with USB camera attached. Tusibee helps solves immediate problems and creates long-term value.